Heaven, How I Got Here

Heaven, How I Got Here.  A must-see film this week…for free! 

The thief on the cross next to Jesus got to heaven for just one reason. He asked Jesus to “remember him”. He acknowledged, just hours from death, that he wanted to be saved, and Jesus saved him. Jesus responded to his request: “Today you will be with me in paradise.” Like the thief, each of us can get to heaven. Each of us can have the confidence to know that no matter who we are or what we have done, when we cry out to God to save us, he will.

One of our clients, Open the Biblehas produced a compelling 60 minute film starring Stephen Baldwin which tells the story of the crucifixion of the thief on the cross next to Jesus, and how his faith saved him–when he was on the brink of hell. The thief never had a chance to go to church. He never had the opportunity to do any good works to make up for the wrong he’d done. The only thing that saved him was the grace of God extended to him through Christ.

This post is simple: God’s grace saved the thief; God’s grace can save you! 

Learn more and watch the film for free this week:  https://openthebible.org/heaven/

Next Level Insights has been privileged to serve Open the Bible in helping to promote this life-changing and life-giving film.