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Grant Research and Writing

Research on Available Grant Funding

A wide range of grant research databases exist today, designed to bring funders and organizations together.  But the process of sifting through private, family, and corporate foundation opportunities, finding those most likely to fund your cause can be tedious.

Our research savvy associates can help you quickly find potential funders, weigh the likelihood of their willingness to partner with you, and move you toward an effective proposal. And as with all of Next Level’s services, you don’t make a long term commitment to staffing your development office to execute grant research.  You hire a team that fits your budget for the time period you need it, then conclude the working relationship when you’re finished.

Grant Proposal Development

After finding potential funders, we can help you write the strongest grant proposal possible for your organization or campaign.  Our grant writers will sharpen your presentation so it precisely meets the requirements of a specific request for proposal (RFP).  This is important.  Sometimes obtaining a grant can hinge on ensuring that specific details are covered in a particular manner.

We also can review a grant proposal that you have prepared and are ready to submit.  Our team will do its best to accurately assess whether or not your documents are submission-ready, making suggestions as to how you might strengthen your presentation.

Case Statements

The foundation of every good grant proposal, and truly every effective fundraising effort, rests on an accurate, engaging, and compelling expression of your “case” for support.  More than one grant or fundraising effort has sputtered and died for lack of a clear expression of its goals and objectives.

Our writers are ready to make your case statement stand out and garner the attention your cause deserves.  Our desire is to produce a document that clearly and succinctly tells your story, and tells it well.  As is true in so many areas for small organizations, it pays to engage expertise beyond your own skill set, to increase your effectiveness and save money.  Getting the right help can let you focus on executing the mission of your organization.