Our Team

Robb Hansen

Robb Hansen is the president of Next Level Insights. Robb has extensive executive leadership experience in non profit organizations and this fuels a desire for excellence in operations and a heart for partnership. His aim is to make organizations effective, and to take them “to the next level.” Check out Robb’s relevant experience in previous positions.  Read more


Please meet the rest of the Next Level Insights team…to engage with any one of us on how we can help, simply email us at info@nextlevelinsights.com

Donna Berg – Editing and Graphic Design

The ability to communicate with clarity is of pivotal importance on any communication project. Donna’s extensive experience with corporate and nonprofit editing makes her ideally suited to assist any writing project, from brief articles to book-length manuscripts. In addition, she brings an eye for detail on design work for newsletters, donor letters, brochures, and annual reports.

Mark Breta – Audio Engineering and Website Maintenance

Over the years Next Level has developed a proficiency related to radio in the Christian arena. Audio engineering is a critical piece of the process. Mark brings long experience to the production work he does for our clients. Skilled in long-form or spot production, Mark can make you sound better than you imagine!

Beryl Glass – Graphic Design

Every effective communication effort requires thoughtful, creative graphic design support. Beryl brings the kind of insightful design so critical to the success of nonprofit communication efforts. With many years of experience, Beryl has done work for a host of organizations, including Trinity International University and the Christian and Missionary Alliance. You can view Beryl’s portfolio here.

Steve Hiller – Voiceover and Audio Engineering

With an extensive background in radio production and live on-air experience, Steve brings an excellent skill set to the NLI team. As a DJ he has developed skills behind the microphone. As an audio engineer he knows what it takes to get an audio project to the finish line. Steve’s focus for NLI is on projects related to podcasting, radio advertising, daily Christian radio spots and programs, talking books, and every other conceivable audio technology.

Rob Newton – Audio Engineering/Video Editing

Making you look and sound good is pivotal in today’s world. Digital communication platforms require not only words, but audio and image as well. Rob is a consummate professional who can edit and manipulate existing assets and prepare them for deployment on the web and on the air.

Lindsay Olford – Social Media Management

Any organization that wants to connect effectively with a wider audience must adopt an organized, structured social media plan. Lindsay brings an experience base that combines strategic thinking with creativity in social media account management, and can work with any organization that wants to improve its presence in that arena. Success in social today requires patience and perseverance, doing the right things in the right way over an extended period of time.

Barb Spahr – Writing and Project Management

Our resident writer, Barb loves words and putting them to work properly. She’s one of our wordsmiths, making what people want to say sound right and be right. Barb also manages projects and deadlines for many of our clients, keeping us on track and making sure everything gets where it needs to be on time.

Beth Weil – Media Relations and Project Management

For spot and long form audio placement, Beth Weil on our team works with all major networks and single stations in Christian broadcasting. Whether you have a teaching or information-based program, or need assistance in the development and placement of promotional spots, Beth can help you. Get in touch and develop a plan to distribute your content as broadly as possible.

Dick Whitworth – Fundraising and Media Consulting

Dick has long experience in fundraising within the Christian media arena. He has managed a range of radio stations over the years and eagerly and enthusiastically shares a lifetime of insights and experience with every organization he connects with. Warm, friendly, encouraging and engaging, Dick can help you get out of the gate if you’re a new nonprofit leader, or provide sage wisdom (really!) for the person who has been at it for a long time.

Mary Jo Williams – Donation Receipting and Data Management

One area of specialization for NLI is donor receipting, acknowledgment, and data management. Mary Jo handles client projects in these areas and serves as office manager as well, keeping everyone on track. If you want the right kind of friendly, warm, patient person to interface with your donors, she is the one you’d pick.

Let’s Talk!

Do you have questions about how we can help you?  Why not email us at info@nextlevelinsights.com?  We look forward to hearing from you!  If you’d rather talk on the phone, give us a call at 1-847-788-8100.  What you will get–guaranteed–is a warm, friendly conversation, not a high pressure “sell job”.  And if we miss you, leave a message.  We will call you back!