Donation Receipting Services

Timely and accurate acknowledgement of donations for nonprofits

Whether you receive 10 or 10,000 receipts a year, consider outsourcing your donation receipting and contribution reporting functions to Next Level.

Using a top quality proprietary data management tool, our team can receive, enter, receipt, track, and report contributions from your donors.

This solution is perfect for political candidates looking for low-cost data management solutions without high-priced consulting.

Self Deposit

  • You receive and open your own mail
  • Copy checks received
  • Deposit funds in your bank
  • Forward copies of checks to our offices by mail, fax, or scan/email


NLI Deposits

  • Mail from constituents delivered to our offices
  • NLI personnel open and sort donations (Security Note: Our system ensures multiple handling, satisfying audit control and board leadership concerns. At NLI always two, and often three or more individuals are involved in handling checks.)
  • Checks copied
  • Bank deposits prepared
  • Donations entered into system
  • Paper back-ups provided to client on a monthly basis or as needed
  • NLI staff enters donations in our system
  • Paper mail receipts are generated and distributed to supporters
  • E-mail receipts are also generated (optional) and distributed
  • Our system generates an electronic report by batch of donations received (daily/weekly – as needed) which is sent to required recipients by email
  • Monthly standard reports are included in the receipting price
  • Request additional reports by date range, donation size, or fund–all sent to you by email as needed

Common Questions

What are your fees?

An initial $250 set-up fee covers data file set-up, ongoing system improvement, and all needed data import from the existing system.* Ongoing fees for data entry and reporting are below. Additional charges apply to inbound mail management and are priced on a case-by-case basis.

  • Current donors – each additional receipt – $3.00
  • New records on system – 50 cents per name
*Data entry on set-up is additional on a per-record basis and charged at 75 cents per name. Maximum charge is $75.00 assuming data may be imported (more common) rather than keyed. Complicated data imports of large files may require additional charges. We can confirm this in advance of import.

What is included in these prices?

All prices include:

  • Entry of donations–usually within 24 hours
  • Legal-sized receipting paper
  • Outbound envelope
  • Return envelope
  • Custom receipt appearance and copy as approved by you
  • Monthly changes to receipt letter contents, if desired (supplied by you)
    • NLI can write an updated receipt letter based on information you supply for an additional $25 per month
  • Postage
  • Mailing services (printing, folding, stuffing, sealing, posting)

Can I use my own receipting paper and return envelopes?

Yes. Prices are adjusted when only data entry, printing, and mailing services are required, using your supplied stock. Remember that availability of this stock must be maintained. For efficiency we require a reorder when stock falls below 500 pieces.

Do you supply necessary information for our audit?

Yes. The annual large donor report required for a standard audit and for filing the Form 990 is included in the basic report package for all clients. A variety of other reports are available upon request.

Do you generate and distribute annual giving statements to donors?

Yes, if desired. And annual statements are always available for donors on request (from you or the donor) and can be provided same-day via mail or e-mail.

Note: If you prefer that all donors receive a year-end summary of their giving, they can be generated upon request. The charges, including postage, set-up, printing, paper, and mailing services are as follows:

  • 1 – 50 donors – $1.05 per donor
  • 50 – 100 donors – $1.00 per donor
  • 101 – 499 donors – 95 cents per donor
  • 500+ donors – 85 cents per donor

Can you handle electronic data imports to avoid double entry?

Typically, yes. However, our per-receipt charges do not begin to decline until electronic batches contain more than 50 receipts. While keying can be time consuming, so can electronic file imports!

How do you handle customer service?

For smaller organizations, you can receive requests and forward them to us. For larger organizations, we suggest utilizing our toll-free receipting services line which is shared by all clients. The line is answered, “Receipting Services” to provide a seamless interface for your donors. Donor service calls are logged and billed in 10 minute increments at $30 per hour.

Do you provide assistance with outbound direct mail as well?

Yes. See our page on direct mail for more information.

More questions? Call us at 866-524-2654.