Donation Receipting

Whether you receive 10 or 10,000 receipts a year, consider outsourcing your donation receipting and contribution reporting functions to Next Level. Using a top quality proprietary data management tool, our team can receive, enter, receipt, track, and report contributions from your donors. Learn more.

Capital Campaign Development

Sooner or later most nonprofit organizations identify some major project they’d like to tackle. Maybe it’s building a facility to house the homeless. Maybe it’s generating endowment funds for long-term sustainability. Learn more.

Direct Mail

Though the internet’s share of communications is increasing, mail still has an important role to play in promoting your nonprofit. Next Level has extensive experience writing and producing quality newsletters. Learn more.

Data Management

Navigating the demands of tracking and utilizing data in today’s information saturated marketplace requires experienced professionals. Next Level is committed to integrating your data with online trends and personalized care, all while ensuring the privacy of your information is maintained.