Leadership and Strategic Planning

Nonprofit Incorporation

We regularly receive requests for information on how to “start a nonprofit.” Here are answers to the basic questions. Learn more.

Organizational Assessments

We believe that an organziation is more likely to accomplish its goals when it’s willing to take a hard look at its operations and services, decide what’s not working, and take steps to fix it. Learn more.

Communication Audits

If you already have an established communication strategy but are unsure of its effectiveness, have Next Level conduct a communication audit for your organization. By analyzing all your content, we can help you polish your strategy.

Executive Coaching

Sometimes your organization’s greatest asset is strong and decisive executive leadership. Let one of our coaches support you as you navigate various challenges facing your organization.  Through our network of experienced leaders we can match you with an advisor well suited to your needs.

Board Development

An often overlooked element of successful nonprofits, it is essential to create a board that can advise and guide your organization well. Next Level Insights can work with you to find the perfect people to serve in such important positions.