About Us

Let Us Lend a Hand

Next Level Insights began with a vision to help nonprofit organizations increase their effectiveness in fundraising and communicating with their constituencies.  We help on at least two levels.  First, our team can come alongside you and help you assess your current fundraising and communication effectiveness, and then help you develop a plan for improvement.

Second, with our experience in a range of communication modes and media, we can work with you to develop whatever tools and processes you need, to help you hit your objectives, within a reasonable budget.  We have been described as an outsourced fundraising and communication team.  Our service for you can scale as needed, and can increase or decrease depending upon circumstances.

Our team can help with projects in almost any medium imaginable.  Over the years we have produced brochures, newsletters, direct mail pieces, invitations, conference displays, posters, flyers–almost every type of print piece you could envision.

But our experience goes beyond paper and embraces all the digital tools imaginable as well:  websites, e-newsletters, PDF versions of all the print tools previously named, branded presentations, videos, radio broadcasts, and more.

The point is, if you need a communication tool, of almost any type, we’ve produced it and can do the same for you.  What’s more, we can develop these tools for an affordable price. We work with clients both with monthly retainer relationships over the long haul, or as one-off project professionals.  Our goal is to serve you the way you want to be served.

Contact us today for more information by calling 1-847-788-8100 or emailing info@nextlevelinsights.com.