Encounter the Truth with Jonathan Griffiths

Jonathan Griffiths is an insightful new Bible teacher who has emerged on the media ministry Bible teaching scene.  This daily 25:00 program was launched in the summer of 2020 and is heard on a range of radio stations in Canada and the US.  The broadcast is also available through OnePlace.com, on MyHopeNow.com, and TWR360.org as an online release.

The teaching featured on the broadcast is from the pulpit of The Metropolitan Bible Church (“The Met”) in Ottawa, ON.  Jonathan participates on the opens and closes of the program, which is hosted by Steve Hiller (Unlocking the Bible/Colin Smith and Treasured Truth/James Ford).

Program delivery is via FTP through Next Level Insights.

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Encounter the Truth…

“Through faithful teaching of the Scriptures, we seek to facilitate encounters with the truth of God’s Word – and ultimately, with the Lord Jesus Christ, who is the Truth that came down from heaven. Our prayer is that those who do not yet know Jesus will come to a saving knowledge of the truth, that believers will be grounded in the truth, and that local churches will be encouraged in their witness to the truth.”

Jonathan Griffiths

Encounter the Truth – 25:00 Minute Daily

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Moment of Truth – 2 Minute Daily Short Feature

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Meet Jonathan Griffiths…

Jonathan GriffithsJonathan Griffiths serves as Lead Pastor of the Metropolitan Bible Church in Ottawa, Canada, sits on the Council of the Gospel Coalition Canada, and gives leadership to the Timothy Trust, which exists to promote expository Bible ministry. He loves to train and mentor developing leaders for gospel ministry. Jonathan studied theology at the University of Oxford and completed his PhD on Hebrews at the University of Cambridge. He takes a keen interest in current affairs, not least politics and economics. He and his wife, Gemma, have three children.

God Alone Series – The Attributes of God Sermons

by Jonathan Griffiths

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