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To be clear and specific, all links relatated to the film should be directed to:  https://openthebible.org/heaven/

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Title:  How Sure Are You About Heaven ?

Dear Friend,

Don’t miss Heaven, How I Got Here, a compelling online film coming March 24-31, 2024 available absolutely free at https://openthebible.org/heaven/.

Heaven, How I Got Here is a gripping presentation of the crucifixion and conversion of the thief on the cross.  Noted Hollywood actor Stephen Baldwin, playing the thief, delivers an emotionally powerful one-man performance, laying out the stark reality of the thief’s salvation:  he never went to church; he never made a contribution in the offering plate; he never memorized a Bible verse; he never served the poor.  He hung on the cross at the brink of death.  In an act of desperation he called out to Jesus and was saved.

Based on the story of the crucifixion found in Luke 23, this poignant account of redemption and grace resonates with people who are uncertain about heaven and unclear about how to get there. Heaven, How I Got Here is an amazing story of transformation in the heart of a man who had breakfast with the devil and supper with the Savior.

The drama weaves together the Bible’s account of the events of the crucifixion and imagines the details of the life of the thief.  He recounts the events of that day as he experienced them then, and as he looks back later from the perspective of his new life in heaven.

The performance invites viewers into a believable environment as temporary “visitors” to heaven.  Baldwin plays the thief and serves as a “tour guide” to heaven, and using his story explains how to get there.

As a first person narrative, this dramatic presentation gives viewers a window into the real-life struggles and thoughts of a man that ultimately found himself dying just a few feet from Jesus.

Those six hours proved to be the most important moments of his life and his eternity.  If Jesus could save The Thief just hours before he died, there is hope for anyone, no matter what their circumstances might be.

Stephen Baldwin is a committed follower of Jesus Christ and provides a compelling presentation of the gospel message through a believable portrayal of The Thief.