Open the Bible project to help millions get into the life-changing pages of God’s Word!

Many surveys show that people are curious about the Bible, but simply don’t know how to begin studying it.  Now a dynamic, easy-to-use program called “Open the Bible”, breaks down the Bible’s story into easy-to-understand lessons. The Open the Bible website offers a self-managed, interactive study interface on three tracks: a ten session course that gives a high level overview; a thirty lesson program, that works well for a month-long study; and a fifty lesson fly over that covers more Bible topics.  It’s designed for a person to use on their own, with a friend, or even in a small group setting. Learn more by visiting

About the “Open the Bible” 60 Second Daily…

Open the Bible is the daily 60 second feature from Unlocking the Bible.  Open the Bible replaces Today’s Key effective October 12, 2020.  The Open the Bible 60 second program is a studio voiced daily with 250 episodes designed to support the wider Open the Bible project.

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Open the Bible – 60 Second Daily

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