Unlocking the Bible’s “Exponential” report drove record year-end fund raising efforts


God is at work!

What a joy to step back and notice what God is doing through Unlocking the Bible. We have much to celebrate! Through the faithful support of partners like you, God is exponentially blessing the mission of sharing the Gospel around the globe, through multiple media.


  • In 2010, the radio program aired on 35 stations in the US. Today, it airs on 196 stations.
  • In 2010, about 75,000 people heard the program each week. Today, we have more than 500,000 listeners each week.


  • In 2010, about 65,000 people viewed content on the website. In 2015, over 600,000 will visit the site—nearly10 times as many!
  • In 2010, we had 5,000 video views. This year we will have more than 300,000, along with 205,000 audio listens.

Social Media

  • In 2010, we began posting on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and had 700 followers across all three platforms.
  • Over 70,000 people now follow us on social media.

LifeKEYS Daily

  • In 2015, we will have distributed more than 36,000 devotional booklets. Many are distributed in prisons across the country.

Heaven, How I Got Here

  • During Easter 2015, over 5,000 people saw Stephen Baldwin’s live performances in Chicago as the thief on the cross.
  • An estimated 1 million people heard the radio drama/ audiobook on Christian radio stations worldwide.