Real People, Real Impact with Steve Hiller

Real People, Real Impact is a forum to tell the stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things for the Lord.  It’s a thought-provoking, vision-motivating weekly 25 minute podcast that platforms encouraging stories about Christian believers all over the world who have stepped up and are seeking to serve God faithfully.

Some RPRI guests address practical Christian life topics–parenting, marriage, family–and some unpack complicated issues like a battle with cancer, racial tension, political engagement, or global poverty.

The challenges of life swirl around us every day.  But the church of Christ, and those who bear his name, move forward relentlessly, bringing a message of hope and the promise of a better life in the world around us.

Hosted by veteran Christian radio host Steve Hiller, RPRI delivers an encouraging interview in a fast paced interview format that is worth listening to week in and week out.

The program is configured to air on the radio should a station wish to do so, but the organization is not seeking paid broadcast slots and is primarily seen by its creators as a podcast available through a variety of online outlets.

For more information on the weekly 25 minute podcast, Real People, Real Impact please contact:

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Meet Steve Hiller…

Steve Hiller has over 20 years of experience in Christian broadcasting.  He has settled behind the microphone with live daily shows for Moody Radio in Chicago, and Moody Radio in Nashville.  In addition Steve is the daily host for the daily Bible teaching broadcasts of Unlocking the Bible (Colin Smith), Treasured Truth (James Ford) and Encounter the Truth (Jonathan Griffiths).

An enthusiastic and engaging interviewer, Steve is pleased to host Real People, Real Impact where he gets the opportunity to share the daily ministry stories of Christians having an impact around the world.

Real People, Real Impact…

“We wanted to give a platform to every day followers of Christ and let them share what they are doing in service to the kingdom.  Our objective is to inspire and embolden more Christians to passionately pursue God’s call on their life.”

– Robb Hansen, Creator

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Greg Norwine –
Executive Director
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