Widow Connection Ministry Supports Those Experiencing Loss

Next Level is pleased to represent this ministry offering two short features.  One focuses on the process of grief recovery, the other addresses the very real financial challenges faced by women who have lost a husband.

After a career as a counselor and author, Miriam Neff’s life took a devastating turn when she lost her husband, Bob, to ALS. As she navigated the difficulties of grief and living life alone, she wished for more resources to guide her. Eventually, God led her to launch a new ministry to widows and others starting over.

About…”New Beginnings”

New beginnings are a reality for everyone.  Change happens, ready or not.  Your listeners face career moves, marriage, job loss, financial challenges, and becoming single again.  They parent, relocate, face illness and loss.  Some are our choosing; others surprise us.   Miriam Neff speaks from her life experiences, counseling background, and life as a parent, marriage partner, and person starting over.  She speaks of daily choices, celebrating special occasions, and making decisions while real life happens.  With spiritual insights, a touch of humor, and candor she brings wisdom and encouragement in each one minute feature.

About…”$tarting Over Financially”

Miriam Neff and Valerie Neff Hogan talk about money. Money when you’re in a difficult situation. Life got bumpy and money became a dreaded word. That’s when you need help most. With clear, practical, conversational content Miriam and daughter Valerie are here to help.

Whether job loss, divorce, death of a spouse, foreclosure, or health issues, your pay check has frozen, or shrunk, but your bills have not.

You may not have the time or mental energy to tackle what seems like an overwhelming thing–getting a handle on your money. Let us help you simplify the process and walk with you.

Valerie Neff Hogan works with National Christian Foundation, Orchard Ministry Development and Widow Connection.  She holds a law degree and the Certified Financial Planner designation. Since 2000 Valerie has served at church leading groups and individuals toward good stewardship with Christian Financial Concepts, Crown Financial, then Financial Peace University. She loves to assist people overcome financial obstacles to get more freedom, be more generous, and do more ministry. She is the daughter of Bob and Miriam Neff.

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New Beginnings – 60 Second Dailies

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Starting Over Financially – 60 Second Dailies

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“It is God’s gift that we woke up breathing. Therefore, He has good things for you, right here, right now. Today can be the best day of the rest of your life.”

– Miriam Neff