Getting the Word Out – New Camp Brochure

Cover and outside spread when flat

Our NLI team collaborated with the leadership of a great camp in upstate New York called The Boys JIM Club of America. The “JIM” in their names stands for “Jesus Is Mine” and says a lot about who they are and what they do. They were founded in the 1950s by a traveling evangelist named Jimmie Davis. He used magic, ventriloquism, balloon sculpturing and a range of other attention getting tools to share the message of the gospel as he traveled from church to church around the United States and Canada.



Inside spread when laid flat.

Eventually Jimmie conceived of the idea of a summer camp for boys, a camp where young lives could be shaped and molded into fit servants for the church, for missions, and for everyday leadership. The training program would teach boys fun and practical skills in how to share the Bible. It’s a great camp and a great program.

We had the privilege of developing a promotional brochure that alumni families of the camp, would be able to use to introduce a new generation of boys to JIM Club, as it’s called. The brochure was distributed sent to alumni families who in turn  shared it with prospective campers and their families. The full package consisted of a brochure and a letter sent in a branded envelope that clearly communicated what the mailing was all about.

Note: fold was to 3.5 H x 8.5 V cover, but double gatefold upon opening.

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